Azure FS data download using Azure storage explorer

This post will describe an easy way to manage your Azure storage data through a simple tool that is available in Linux, MAC os, and Windows.

You can download the one according to your operating system through this URL.

After successful download, click to install

For Windows,

Accept the terms and click Install:

Click Next:

Click Next:

Click Next to launch the explorer:

This will open below. Click Connect to Azure Storage:

Note the options:

We will connect using a Storage Account name and key:

Enter your connection information, which you can look up in Azure in your storage account keys:

Click Connect:

You will now be connected to the storage account:

Select the folder in your file share and hit download button and it will prompt you for location, select the folder and save it.

The download will complete in few minutes depending on the size of your data.

For Linux,

apt update -y

apt install snapd

snap install storage-explorer.

The rest of the steps are the same to download data from azure storage.

Enjoy Azure storage Explorer

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